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Another death in custody….Kugan’s horrifying picts….


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The truth is revealed….what next?

Reported in the SUN (web edition)

“Deputy ministers to be summoned for questioning”
Charles Ramendran

PETALING JAYA (Jan 22, 2009) : Police will call up two deputy ministers who were present at the Serdang Hospital mortuary during an incident where about 50 family members and friends of 22-year-old lock up detainee A.Kugan who died in police custody allegedly forced their way into the place to view his body late on Monday.

Selangor police chief DCP Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar said a police report was lodged with Sepang police by an official at the mortuary who alleged that several dozen people who turned up at the morgue had barged in and wheeled out Kugan’s body of of the cold room.

The hospital official also alleged that the people had handled the body and took photos of it.

Khalid said police have classified and are probing the case as trespass with criminal intent and also for criminal intimidation.

He said it was wrong for anyone except for hospital officials to handle the body as a post mortem had yet to be conducted and there is an ongoing probe into the death of the man.

He said the hospital official had called the police and a police officer at the scene permitted only a family member to identify the body at the time of the incident but this was defied and the crowd rushed in.

Although he did not name the two deputy ministers, it is understood that they are Datuk S.K.Devamany and T.Murugiah, both who are with the Prime Minister’s Department and were present at the hospital during the incident.

Khalid said a post mortem carried out out on the body of lock detainee A.Kugan showed that he had died of excessive fluid in his lungs.

He said the report also stated that the injuries found on the deceased’s body was not the result of his death.

“However, I assure the family of Kugan that we will not spare anyone responsible for the injuries caused on him. We are probing and when we identify those involved and have gathered enough evidence, I will make sure justice is served.”

“I give you my word that there will be no cover up as I do not cordone to such abuse of powers if that was the case.I urge the family members to be calm and not take the law into their own hands.” he said.

At about 2.30pm, Kugan’s funeral took place at his house at Puchong Kinrara. Among the 200 people who attended it was MIC President Datuk Seri S.Samy Vellu.

Kugan was arrested on Jan 15 for suspected car theft and remanded till Wednesday. However,on Tuesday during interogation by police, he collapsed and died.

Police had said that they made a recovery of 15 stolen cars at a warehouse in Puchong following his arrest.

His family, Kapar MP S.Manikavasagam and Keadilan’s Selangor Youth leader Khairul Anuar Ahmad Zainuddin have each lodged a police report alleging foulplay in Kugan’s death and urged a thorough probe be conducted.

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Bridge to Indonesia….

52 km bridge from melaka to indonesia?
Why??? want to be famous again??? try be more reasonable….


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This is a WARNING!!!

Protesters in Penang today called on Malay rulers to revoke the citizenship of Malaysians who dispute Malay special rights and demanded safeguards to their special position as enshrined in the constitution.

At the end of the rally, the coalition’s leaders led by its president, Md Radzi Daud, submitted a memorandum to Penang governor Abdul Rahman Abbas.

The document also called on Malaysians to defend Islam as the nation’s official religion, the granting of immunity to the Malay royalty and the upholding of the draconian Internal Security Act to protect national security. Jail them under ISA

At the press conference later, Md Radzi – said that gathering was to warn the people not to dispute the country’s constitution by raising issues that “could disrupt communal harmony”.

He said the coalition felt it was timely and imperative to hold such a gathering to remind Malaysians about their responsibility to safeguard the constitution, the royalty, social contract, and the nation’s peace and harmony.

Of late, he pointed out that many Malaysians have stirred Malay sentiments over a slew of issues.

“By disputing the aspirations of the constitution, some are inciting racial tension and communal disharmony,” said Md Radzi, who is also Yayasan Aminul Ummah Malaysia president.

He wants those who whip up racial sentiments to be detained without trial under ISA.

Md Radzi also called on Malaysians to respect the laws and to recognise the rights of various communities in the country to live in peace and harmony.

“Anyone who challenged this should be detained under ISA and the person’s citizenship should be revoked,” he said.

Silence not a sign of weakness

The four-point memorandum also warned that the patience exercised by the Malays thus far shall not be construed as a sign of weakness or fear.

“Malays have kept quiet so far to maintain peace and harmony, but don’t disturb the bees hive or you can be destroyed,” stated the memorandum.

Many teenagers at the gathering carried banners with slogans written in both Malay and Jawi such as ‘Kesabaran Melayu Ada Batas’ (Malays’ Patience Has Limits), ‘Jangan Hina Nabi Muhammad SAW’ (Don’t Insult Nabi Muhammad), ‘Jangan Pertikaikan ISA’ (Don’t Dispute ISA). ‘Kekebalan Raja Raja Dipertahankan’ (Defend the Royal Immunity), and ‘Jangan Pertikaikan Hak Orang Melayu’ (Don’t Dispute Malay Rights).

Other banners included ‘Melayu dan Mamak Bersatu’ (United Malays and Indian Muslims) and ‘Jangan Ulang 13 Mei’ (Don’t Repeat May 13).

source: Malaysiakini

( Draconian law(ISA) to protect national security??? don’t disturb the bees hive or u can be destroyed??? May god bless Malaysian People…)

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Macam Mana Prestasi sukan Malaysia nak maju???

Padang SJK(T) Taman Melawati akan dibangunkan sebagai kawasan perumahan kos rendah.

Macam mana prestasi sukan negara nak maju kalau peluang untuk melahirkan bakat sukan digantikan dengan peluang untuk mencari keuntungan?

Saya hairan macam mana padang sekolah boleh diberikan kelulusan untuk dijadikan kawasan perumahan.

Kerajaan harus meneliti masalah sukan negara daripada peringkat akar umbi.

Keadaan sukan negara sejak tahun 80-an seolah-olah air tertakung. Tiada apa-apa kemajuan. Cuba lihat negara-negara jiran…. Standard mereka dengan kita dah jauh berbeza.

Sebab apa?

Sebab kita tidak pentingkan perkara-perkara yang asas.

Padang sekolah adalah perkara/platform asas bagi melahirkan potensi sukan negara.

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Breaking News by Malaysiakini: Anwar was arrested

When he was arrested a decade ago-

Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim was arrested by the police just outside his home in Bukit Segambut, Kuala Lumpur, at 12.55pm today.

The de facto PKR leader was on his way back to his house after being questioned by the Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA).

 A team of police officers were waiting, according to lawyer R Sivarasa.

Anwar was driven away in a 4WD vehicle with tinted windows, escorted by a convoy of 15 patrol cars. They arrived at Kuala Lumpur police headquarters at 1.11pm.

It is believed that members of a special team from the serious crime division – sporting balaclavas and leather jackets – were also involved in the operation.  

What going to happen next?

Meanwhile, Anwar’s wife and PKR president Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail confirmed the arrest.

She told reporters in parliament that she had received a call from Anwar and that he had complained of rough treatment by the arresting officers.

Whoever punch Anwars face this time, will be next chief of Police…

Good luck Malaysia! Peoples eyes on you!!! Do not forget it.

And most important do not blame rakyat if there is demonstrations in near future.

Police should handle this matter in a tolerate manner maybe…

Last time whwn reformasi taking place, the flow of information is not very good. But now, information flowing at a high level through Internet…

So, to those who think that you still can fool around, beware… It wont take long time to throw you away!

Rakyat Rules


Source: Malaysiakini

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