Who Own Our Media???

Media Prima Bhd (believed to be linked with UMNO)

  • New Straits Times
  • Malay Mail
  • Berita Harian
  • Harian Metro
  • TV3
  • NTV7
  • 8tv


  • Utusan Melayu
  • Kosmo


  • The Star
  • Nanyang Siang Pau
  • China Press
  • 988
  • RedFM104.9


  • Tamil Nesan
  • Malaysian Nanban

Anandha Krishnan

  • Astro
  • hitz.fm
  • Thr.fm
  • Sinar
  • Xfresh
  • Era
  • My

Tiong Hiew King

  • Sin Chew Daily
  • Guang Ming Daily

Lau Hui Kang

  • Oriental Daily


  • TV1
  • TV2
  • TraXX.FM
  • Klasik FM
  • Muzik FM
  • Asyik FM
  • Nasional FM
  • KL FM
  • Ai FM
  • Minnal FM


With this kind of Ownership how can the media play its role as a watchdog?

We all living in the age where media role has been changed to lap dog!!! Only serve to their owner… Not to the lay people… We only receive one side of the story… There is no balance in news reporting… Reported news also not to us, to their owners, who feed them… Where is the media ethic that i learn? Am i going to work on this unbalanced media’s? Will i serve the people well? How?

Media has neglected lay peoples rights to know, rights to informations, rights to balanced news… When this will change?

This situation wont change until we change ourself… Why do we must subscribe to this kind of media when we knew that there is no democracy in practice…

Media Ethics has been thrown into drainage by those people…. Once upon a time media is used to pass information to people, to make them knowledgeable…Now it is used to fool us… Are fee stupid enough to be fooled by them?

Is there any hope to change this situation?


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