I feel threaten!!!

Is this country only reserved to Malays? 

According to news published in malaysiakini:

“This is a Malay country, but Malays are marginalised in their own country,” said Ahmad, who also described PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim “as a traitor who had sold the Malays to Chinese and Indians”.

When does Anwar sold Malays to Indian And Chinese? Why provoking racial issues now? those leader only have semangat kemelayuan only? Whr the Malaysian identity? IS it only used to get votes? when lost, no more Malaysian… If this is Malays Country? Where is others country? This is an orthodocs thinking! I feel unsafe to leave in Penang now.

“When asked whether it was premature to hold the protest as the state government was barely a weeks’ old, Ahmad said the Penang Malays were provoked by Lim’s anti-Malay statement.”

As i followed the issue, Lim only said that Penang going to have Transparent tender giving System and contract to eliminate coruption. Is it anti-malay statement? So transparency is not good? So public dont have right to know all this?

What i hope is, please dont create racial tensions in our comunities. It remind me about one term which is called as “semangat asabiyah”. It means  that a group of people will defend its member no matter he is right or wrong. They will just defend the group stand. In this situation the members wont think properly on their action. They just follow what others says.

If we understand clearly, all of us have their own sentiments, but as Malaysian, TRUE MALAYSIAN, we cannot show it… ITS not right…

How long this thing going to happen? We should not provoke racial tension just to fulfill a bunch of peoples pocket. Think proper, think wisely, to a better MALAYSIA.


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