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If we see how our news media potraying political changes in Malaysia is incredible. They started to campaigning for BN right away from now on. The news scopes mostly shows that BN has “insaf”. THey will working to tackle all the problems in country. So it means that before this nothing has been done?

Now our BN leaders vastly campaigning to PKR-DAP-PAS ruling state people that they have made a wrong choice by rejecting BN. Now they are the one who started to create racial tensions. They are the one who threatening Malays that NEP is on its way to end and so on…

To show you all what i mean, here some news headlines by our news media:

PKR ‘no’ to 8 slots for DAP(theStar) – shows that there are quarell among PKR and DAP. But from what i know is, they are in process of discussing the issue to solve it and form a balanced government.

Hisham: ‘New’ BN will start the government(theStar) – Shows that BN leaders will be listening to people, they had learnt from general election. So called ‘insaf’.

Nazri: We may see end of NEP(theStar) – its a form of threatening the malays that they going to lose their rights.

DAP decissions will affect all Malaysians, says Hisham(theStar) – Creating racial tension…why? quoted from the news: “We cannot allow a large part of the country’s economy to be ruled by the minority races while the majority race is abandoned without representation,” said Hishamudin.

Call to scrap mega projects(theStar) – it shows that Penang UMNO’s voice is more powerful than State government. It makes people worry that Penang might lose their economy and only BN can deliver to public.

Huan: DAP was against appointment of DCM(theStar) – bringing back the 1990’s story. Now 2008 la… come on man, be a man.

DAP biadab — Arahan pulau majlis pelantikan MB Perak dianggap hina raja Melayu(Utusan Malaysia)

Formula BN boleh bentuk kerajaan Perak(Utusan Malaysia) – baru nak fikir masa depan negara…

KM Pulau Pinang berdolak-dalik(Utusan Malaysia) – Guan Eng clearly stated that Utusan has misled his statement. see theSun.

Henti projek mega P. Pinang(Utusan Malaysia) – Utusan play his part to threten an misled people!

Rakyat kurang yakin manifesto dipenuhi(Utusan Malaysia) – siapa yang dia orang interview ni? Adakah suara beberapa orang ni mewakili seluuruh rakyat selangor? Suara rakayat ternyata dalam keputusan P/raya la…

Jangan gugat harmoni(Utusan Malaysia) – siapa yang gugat harmoni sekarang? sedarlah sikit.

There are more news that shoe our media has started to campaigning for BN from now on. Before this, they just promoting BN leaders, now we must change the term from promoting to Camapaigning.


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