News Contradiction

Yesterdays UMNO demonstration in KOMTAR get wide coverage from our local media. But, the protestors numbers is differ with one and another…

Do media report a news as it is, or cover up the news as it wants?

  • Malaysiakini reported that there are 1000 UMNO members and supporters are there… and 3000 onlookers include 8 truck FRU
  • Utusan Malaysia reported that there is 3000 protestors from NGO and UMNO supporters
  • Berita Harian reported that there is 2000 protestors.

 This is only examples from three news media reporting…

Which one public will trust?

Media should stop cover up the facts. Tell the truth. Dont put your word in their mouth and ask them to spit again so that you get your worthy news.

Please do balanced reporting. Public may get bored with our local media. It so obvious which side you stand.

My advice is, dont trust our mainstream newspaper… Use Malaysiakini as your news source, or Centre for independent Journalism and many more via online.


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