Semi Value urging youngster to give their strength and ideas…

To our beloved Semi Value’s information, Malaysian Indian youngster already give their full strength and various ideas on how to bring up their community.

The 2008 election results already shows the indian youngsters idea and their strength. The differences is, they all not on your side. And they will never be on your side because their ideas is differ from yours.

Im damn sure that you are not concern about their ideas, you only need and concern about their strength.

After what has happened to the indian community on Nov 25, their ideas, their mindsets, perspective and voice of indian youngster is changed. They are not the same indians as their parents and grandparents. Now 2008, not 1970’s, where people will listen whatever the leaders says.

Now they will only listen to leaders who will say and lead them to what they want. And im sure you are not the one who will lead these youngsters towards their goal. So, moral of the story is, stop dreaming and step down. Let the youths lead the Indian community. Not the youth leaders like what you have now, which is almost all of them is 40 years old ready. If you call them as as youth, then my father also can be considered as youth.

Bye bye Semi Value, your reign has come to end! so get lost!


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