Bloggers go ‘berak’ in Perak

Dean Johns |
Pardon my language, but I just couldn’t resist such a golden opportunity for this wordplay. 

And in any case my language is less colourful than that employed by some bloggers and their commentators in decrying Lim Kit Siang’s declaration last week that he and DAP colleagues would boycott the swearing-in of PAS secretary Mohamad Nizar Jamaludin as Perak’s new menteri besar.

The bloggosphere almost went into melt-down with outrage. And from what I could see, Zorro led the charge with his furious post: “Kit Siang, just shut the f**k up!”, then followed it up shortly afterwards by symbolically sentencing Lim to a stretch in his infamous Mexican Gas Chamber.

If you haven’t witnessed this terrible room, you owe yourself a visit to check it out.

lim kit siang dap and perak stateBut as fearsomely funny as his gas chamber is, Zorro wasn’t joking, and neither were the thousands of other bloggers and commentators who vented their feelings about what most saw as Lim’s betrayal of their visions for Barisan Rakyat.

Here are excerpts from just a tiny fraction of the comments I read on some blogs.

Lone: Tonight our euphoria has turned to sadness for it appears that the DAP CEC is unable to accept a PAS Perak MB. Are we still taking about a Malaysian Malaysia? Is the designated PAS Perak MB not a Malaysian? Do we still cling to our race-coloured politics? Is the DAP message of ‘Just Change It’ just an election slogan? Have we Malaysian Malaysians been taken for a ride by the DAP? Is the DAP for real?

20 Cent: Uncle Lim, my vote wasn’t for DAP, PKR or PAS. My vote was for the people of Malaysia..for democracy, justice and good governance.

Anonymous: I was absolutely thrilled with the way Malaysians voted. I told my children overseas, Malaysia had grown up. No longer are we frightened by the bigots and self serving sycophants in BN but now we vote on issues and across the racial divide..and now LKS had to come up with this.

Gerald Khor: If DAP cannot resolve this fiasco properly, all the manifestos and promises given pre-election will not be relevant anymore. Walk-the-talk. Integrity is everything. Otherwise the DAP is no different from any BN component parties.

Mahaguru58: What lunacy is this, Kit Siang? God damn you if you screw this up!!! I have put aside my doubts about you and the DAP and supported the Barisan Rakyat for the sake of seeing BN toppled and by Allah, we have done just that in 5 states!

KL Chan: Uncle Kit Siang this is a once in 50 year chance to rule a State with dignity and pride. Please reconsider.

DewA LavaU: Shame on you Lim Kit Siang! Now you’re just like BN already! We vote (for) you not because of party but because we have faith in Barisan Rakyat.

Yinhau: Wake up, man. I am Chinese and I want to cooperate with all Malay and other races in this country to make this place better.

Pakpandil: Kit, please end the boycott and attend the swearing-in ceremony in Perak today. Our enemy is not PAS but the corrupted BN and Umno..Just ensure you fight corruption, be transparent and accountable, the rakyat will vote you in again.

Carling: If Nizar is capable, honest and clean, I, being a Chinese, would support him. The main reason the opposition won so many seats are that people are tired of corruption, crimes, wastages, cronyism etc, and not becos we love LKS so much.

Ordinary Superhero: &*%##. Can’t he see that it doesn’t matter who is the MB? How he and the rest of the exco/elected representatives govern the state is more important.

Michael: I swear I will never ever vote again for DAP if you squander our chance of a Bangsa Malaysia rising from a just government.

Sans: There are serious issues to consider in governing Perak, including transparency, introducing local elections in Ipoh, helping the marginalised of which there are many in Perak, etc, and this should take priority over politicking.

Start performing, or else…

I wish I had room to quote from lots more, including the Old Fart’s wonderful account of an elderly Malay gentleman’s emotions on voting for the DAP, but never mind.

Lim has apologised to the Sultan for his threat to boycott the perak cm mb mohamad nizar jamaluddinceremony, Nizar (photo) has been installed as MB of Perak and stunned the gathering by speaking some Chinese, and everything’s hunky-dory.

Or it will be as long as this new state government and its fellow Barisan Rakyat administrations in Selangor, Penang, Perlis and Kelantan start performing. As revealed in the outcry against Lim’s apparent intransigence, the BR voters have very high expectations of the people they’ve elected to represent them.

Most have voted for principles, not parties, and they’re passionate in their desire to see their principles upheld, in the vicious ‘real world’ of Malaysian politics.

They’re craving what they’ve been denied by BN for half a century; government for all the people by all the people. Government that’s clean, transparent, just and even-handed. And now they’ve finally seen that it’s achievable, they’re seizing the opportunity with both hands.

corruption and money politicsAs they demonstrated last week, they’ve a visceral aversion to racism, power-tripping and arrogance, and they’ll purge their own representatives of any signs of such evils. And they’ll mercilessly punish lapses by their elected members into other BN-style evils like corruption, rent-seeking and fraud.

The much-maligned bloggers of Malaysia have put their hearts, souls, blood, sweat and tears into opening the nation’s eyes to the lies of the government and its media, and now their sights are set on a win for democracy in the next general election.

They know as well as you and I do that Umno/BN is a lost cause for reform. They know that a DAP, PKR and PAS coalition – or better still a super-party – they call Barisan Rakyat is their best and brightest hope.

And they’ll do everything in their considerable power to ensure that it gets and keeps its shit together.


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