Umno polls in Dec, Ahmad backed as MB

After a four-hour marathon Supreme Council meeting, Umno today decided that it could not defer its party polls and at the same time give its support for Kijal state representative Ahmad Said as the new Terengganu menteri besar.

Umno president Abdullah Ahmad Badawi today said the party had asked former Terengganu menteri besar Idris Jusoh to accept the Terengganu palace’s decision to appoint Ahmad as the menteri besar.

Idris was present at the council meeting in his capacity as the Terengganu party chief.

According to a source, none of the council members objected to the appointment of Ahmad, who took office on Tuesday.

Abdullah also revealed that the party polls would be held during this year’s annual general assembly which begins on Dec 16 to 20 this year, killing off all earlier speculations that it could be deferred.

Branch level elections will start from July 17.

Abdullah, also the prime minister, said that he had not “lost face” following the decision to back out from supporting Idris.

He also said that a proposal to hold extraordinary general meeting was not dicussed at all.


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