Less race, more community-based politics please

NK Timbadia | Apr 17, 08 3:26pm

I refer to the Malaysiakini report ‘Samy, we Indians are not goats’.

It is with keen interest that I watch Indians in Malaysia speaking out. I am pleasantly surprised on how and where they got their voice but nevertheless it was Malaysians that finally spoke up. I have always been a big fan of equality irrespective of race, religion or the colour of one’s skin.

As such, it is not that Indians are ‘goats’ or not, we are all humans. The Barisan Nasional needs to stop treating people like goats or animals although they have been successfully doing so for many, many years and we Malaysians have conveniently accepted being treated as such.

As for S Samy Vellu saying that the government did not help, I think the government has helped in the past but just to see the funds being misused. What ever happened to Maika Holdings and all the money that was invested and all the free shares that were given by the government?

I still hold some shares which were bought by my father many years ago but I guess it is all worthless pieces of paper now. I think Umno, MIC, Gerakan and MCA are all having amnesia. I am not sure what will happen to these race-based parties but I strongly would like to see less race-based and more community based politics.

As such, Gerakan should go back to their roots, be a proper multi-ethnic party and be in the opposition with Pakatan Rakyat. DAP, Gerakan and PKR should merge and PAS is most welcome as long as they keep the race and religion agenda out.

And can the politicians just get down and start doing real work and improving policies etc? Thus far, I am only getting stories of Penang and Selangor state governments and what they are doing.

What are all the other states doing? Have they started working or are they all still bickering? I am keen to know what has happened in Perlis, Kedah, Perak and Terengganu – especially since they are new state governments there.


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