Hindraf planning nationwide convoy to abolish ISA

Hindraf is planning to organise a special prayers in Kamunting Mariamman Temple, Taiping for the speedy recovery of P. Uthayakumar and release of all detainee under ISA.

We are planning to create awareness and show sign of protest against this draconian law, ISA as well through Nationwide Motorcade Convoy leading to Kamunting Mariamman Temple.

Below are details :-

Date : 27th April 2008 ( Sunday)

There are few gathering spots for all the motorcar and superbike before we proceed to Kamunting.
Below are the details of start off.

For Klang Valley and southern region :- PLUS Plaza R&R Rawang
Time : 8.30 am
Contact : Mr Selvam ( 016-6626579)

For Ipoh : Ipoh Kallumalai Temple, Perak
Time : 11 am
Contact : Mr Vetha ( 017-5005658)


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One response to “Hindraf planning nationwide convoy to abolish ISA

  1. hello malaysian hindus friends,

    it is nice to hear that you started thinking of hindu unity. All the indians are hindus but they cunningly got converted other religion because of no awareness among hindus that theirs great living oldest cultural heritage slowly getting destroyed but the hindus of malaysian shown great courage of witt by organising movement to restore its glory and getting awareness of cunning coversions from christian missioneries.

    be united……


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