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Kesusahan Rakyat tak Penting



Penduduk BMC diberi lampu Hijau untuk sementara waktu. Ia merupakan satu kejayaan kepada penduduk disitu. Usaha dan kecekalan mereka mendapat hasil, walaupun ia mengambil masa yang lama.

Persoalannya, mengapa kerajaan Persekutuan/menteri berkenaan perlu tunggu sehingga berlakunya pertumpahan darah dan baru nak masuk campur.  

Tidakkah perkara sebegini perlu diberi perhatian yang utama oleh pemerintah.

Tambahan pula, Speaker dewan Rakyat tak memberi kebenaran untuk mebincangkan isu ini di Parlimen. Apa masalah dengan dia ni? Menurut laporan Malaysiakini pada 29 Mei 2008, Wan Junaidi (Timbalan Speaker) tidak memberi kebenaran untuk membincangkan isu ini di Dewan Rakyat kerana ada banyak lagi isu yang lebih penting. Mungkin kecelakaan yang menimpa penduduk BMC ini dapat dielakan jika perkara ini didebatkan di Dewan Rakyat.

Jadi, kesusahan dan kesengsaraan rakyat tidak menjadi perkara penting?

Lebih-lebih lagi, pihak polis dan FRU yang sepatutnya menjaga keselamatan awam, bertindak bertentangan pula. Kalau orang buat salah, tangkap mereka dan dakwa di Mahkamah. Itulah gunanya Mahkamah. Ini polis jadi samseng pula.

Apa jadi dengan isu samseng upahan yang diupah untuk membelasah penduduk BMC? Apa jadi dengan polis dan FRU yang memukul Chang Jiun Haur sehingga cedera parah?

Masalah ini belum selesai dengan hanya membenarkan penduduk menggunkan jalan tersebut, Menteri yang berkenaan masih lagi bertanggungjawab kepada semua kekecohan yang berlaku.

Dalam masa kerajaan Persekutuan Sibuk mencari kesalahan kerajaan negeri yang diperintah oleh Pakatan Rakyat, tanggungjawab sendiri diabaikan. Atau memang selalu macam ni kot.

Malaysia tak aman, Malaysia tak makmur. Bilalah kita nak sedar….



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MIC re-branding, what is the point?



RM 500,000 will be spent on new uniform, new logo and letterhead.

Does it make any sense? This is not a product re-branding process. If the uniform is changed, does it means MIC has change? What is the point by changing the cloths, when people inside the cloths still the same.

Changing the logo doesnt mean anything, people do not join a party or support by viewing the logo. If the logo is new, many youngster will join? Please la. It shows your lacking of idea again. Wont you learn a lesson from previous events Dr.Semi Value?

The best part is, changing letterhead. There is no point in changing letterhead while the party’s head is still the same person.

Do MIC think that Indian people is stupid and blind? We all know this trick Mr. Semi Value. By changing uniform, logo and letterhead, you are not changing anything. You can say that it will attract more youth to join and support MIC? Please wake up, todays youth not like your time, when you give new cloths, money, drinks etc.. they will follow you. That time has vanished since November 25 2007.

Here what we need, Not new Uniform, but new leader to wear that Uniform!

Not new logo, A new leader who can help their community. Logo doesnt mean anything! 

Not new letterhead, but new President name in that letterhead. We are bored with your MIC, its always about you, not the public!

You want to re-brand?

Tell us what happened to MAIKA holding.

Tell us that Indian student will get scholarship to aid their education (i mean indian students, not your ketua bahagian’s son or doughter or their reletives!!! we seek of it)

Tell us that all Indian in Malaysia will be treated equally as other races!

Can you?

Please dont waste the RM 500,000. Use it to aid those people who really need it. Atleast people will try to believe what you are saying. Dont waste the money!

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New building for Tamil School? Its just another Political Card, believe it



According to Malaysiakini report, Samy Vellu said that MIC is the only party that representing the Indians interests in the cabinet.

In that report, he also talking loud about Tamil schools. According to the report, they started to building seven Tamil Schools and going to repair around 40 Tamils School nationwide.

Thats a good news… But, my concern is, what happen to various Tamil school that in serious condition such as SRJK(T) Azad Penang? SRJK(T) Ladang Nagappa Jementah, Segamat? And the Contena School in Gelugor, Penang(Subramani Barathiar Tamil School)?

I just curios, what happened to this schools? As i noticed, these schools is not listed in the report.

For readers information, SRJK(T) Ladang Nagappa Jementah is the school that my father studied and he is 45 years old now. The relocation of that school has been pending for 13 years. Leaders come and go, lots of promises, but nothing has change, the school still there. Students number decreasing year by year because of the distance (estimated around 6-7 kilometres from town). Parents prefer to let their children study in Malay School or Chinese school. We cannot blame them, despite the distance, the school building conditions also worsening day by day.

13 years of waiting, Indian community in Jementah still hoping that MIC will do something… Will it happen before something happen to the students?

Another School is SRJK(T) Azad, Penang. I’ve been there twice. First time i saw a school located underneath of a building.

They call it a school, but its look like a jail for me. If you not believe me, go and see yourself.

The school is underneath Penang Indian Association Building. (Unfortunately i don have the school picture)

And Subramani Barathi School in Gelugor Penang, they called it Contena School. Because contena is the classroom. They said going to rebuild the school, but i dont know what happenned next.

My point is, can MIC represent Malaysian Indian in this kind of School matters first?  Tamil School is losing their students everyday. It wont be shocking if one day no Tamil School in Malaysia.

For those who called themselves as Indian Representative/leaders,  please put your political agenda aside and work for your community sincerely!

Your press conferences and statistic doesnt mean anything when the situation is the same.



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Thugs and Police, what is the differences?

cheras mahkota road grand saga barricade fru assault 280508 01What is going on in Malaysia? Public being beaten up by the thugs, should they lodge a police report? The answer is no!

Yesterday Chang Jiun Haur was beaten up by police officer near the barricade… I think he loose his two teeths and seriously injured. You can watch the video in Malaysiakini.

The question is, do police force have any rights to beat the public? I thought that they suppose to protect the public from the thugs atleast. But now, both are the same.

If chang against the law means, arrest him and charge him la. Who give you rights to beat him? Im sure they going to make some cover-up to protect the police officer. Police brutality has became a normal phenomena in Malaysia nowadays.

Furthermore, what is our govenment doing? How long they going to watch this Saga? Which comes first? Public Interest or Money?

To whom should public complain?

Colourful Malaysia, but recently red colour(blood)  is the favourite one… We can see lot of bloody tragedy happening around…

Grand Saga’s Saga Continue….



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Uthaya has been denied medication, is it democracy?


Today 10.30am, Lawyer N. Surendran filed a fresh habeas corpus on behalf of P. Uthayakumar who is detained under ISA.

According to Malaysiakini reporting, the habeas corpus was filed because Uthaya has been denied medication for his diabetes.

In his affidavit, Uthayakumar said he has been suffering from high blood pressure and sugar, minimal damage to heart, skin disease, ring worm, eye blurring, headaches, dizziness and weakness since he was denied medical treatment.

Malaysiakini also report that Uthaya claims that the camp authorities refuse to admit him into the National Heart Institute (IJN) despite being told by doctors to do so.

Detention without trial already cruel enough, do they need to do like this? Is this they say democracy?

I recommend that our great leaders to go back to school and study again what is democracy about. 

If they commit any wrong doing, then charge them in court. Dont torture them just because they believe in what they are doing and it is a bitter truth for you all to accept. 

One humble request for our so called leaders, dont keep on thinking that public is stupid and they cant do anything against your superior power. 

Remember, peoples power is far more superior than your political powers. I hope that you already got your lesson in last general election. 

Dont spoil this country and peoples dream just because of your egoism. Accept the truth and let the rite and capable person to lead. 



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Waytha: Home Minister should resign

Thirukumaran Murugaya│21st Mat 2008


Hindraf Chairman P. Waytha Moorthy has urged Home Minister to resign from the cabinet to safeguard the good name and integrity of Malaysian government.

According to Waytha, the statement made by Home Minister is intended to mislead the Malaysian public.

“The statement made by the Home Minister is a blatant lie and deliberately intended to mislead the Malaysian public who were outraged by the action of the Government against me,” he said in a press statement published in today.

Waytha also sure that, this is a government desperate move to force him back to Malaysia and arrest him under ISA.

“I do not for a moment doubt that the real intentions of the Government is that upon the revocation the British authorities would deport me back to Malaysia only to be arrested under the ISA,” he add.

Waytha also enclosed a scanned copy of his passport which clearly shows that his passport expires only in October 2010

Waytha’s Scanned Passport Copy


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Parlimen Jadi Central Market?

“Parlimen jadi Central Market pula, kata ketua penyokong kerajaan”
– ini adalah tajuk sebuah berita dari BERNAMA yang menceritakan sambutan hari jadi Wvaishnavi (anak kepada P.Waytha Moorthy) di lobi Parlimen.

Cuba anda baca laporan berita tersebut di bawah, dan lihat cara pelaporan berita yang dihasilkan oleh BERNAMA. Saya tak pasti sama ada ianya merupakan sebuah berita ataupun luahan hati penulis/wartawan tersebut.

KUALA LUMPUR: Sekiranya pada hari pertama persidangan Dewan Rakyat kecoh umpama pasar dan hanya tiga soalan sahaja dapat dijawab dalam sesi soal jawab, hari ini ada pula anggota menyifatkan Parlimen, institusi tertinggi pembuat dasar negara, seperti ‘Central Market’.

Sikap sesetengah anggota Parlimen yang membawa masuk pelawat untuk tujuan tertentu menimbulkan rasa tidak senang di kalangan anggota Parlimen yang lain.

Apa tidaknya sekumpulan kira-kira 20 lelaki dan wanita dipercayai penyokong Hindraf yang pada mulanya mengadakan sidang akhbar dan akhirnya bertukar menjadi majlis sambutan Hari Jadi semasa sidang berhenti rehat jam 1 tengah hari.

Majlis hari jadi itu adalah untuk anak kepada pemimpin Hindraf P Waythamoorthy, Wvaishnari, 6, dan kumpulan itu bernyanyi beramai-ramai “Happy Birthday To You” di lobi Parlimen berdekatan tempat rehat anggota Parlimen berhampiran tangga keluar.

Sebiji kek dengan enam lilin diletakkan di atas meja kawasan lobi berkenaan.

Bukan setakat sekali, malah berkali-kali lagu itu dinyanyikan dan Ahli Parlimen Padang Serai dari Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR), N Gobalakrishnan dilihat mendukung anak kecil berkenaan dan membawa bertemu Ahli Parlimen lain.

Ahli Parlimen yang berada berdekatan pula diberi bunga ros merah, bagaimanapun keadaan terkawal dan tidak ada kejadian tidak diingini berlaku.

Pengerusi Kelab Penyokong Kerajaan (BNBBC), Datuk Tiong King Sing mengingatkan Ahli Parlimen pembangkang bahawa Parlimen bukan tempat sewenang-wenangnya membawa orang luar masuk.

“Dulu macam pasar kini macam Central Market pula.

Sebagai institusi tertinggi dalam negara tak seharusnya orang luar dibawa sewenang-wenangnya.

“Perkara ini saya akan bawa kepada Yang di-Pertua Dewan Rakyat,” katanya ketika ditemui di lobi Parlimen.

Beliau berkata Ahli Parlimen pembangkang tidak harus menggunakan isu Hindraf dan kanak-kanak untuk menjadi juara isu berkenaan.

— Bernama


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