Grand Saga’s Saga to make profit!!!

What is the use of Highway actually? Why residents are forced to use longer route when there is other option route… is it compulsory for road user to use the highway just because it is there… come on la, who paying the petrol? who paying the toll? whose time is wasted? If want to make money, think a better or proper highway route which will serve the needs of road user… Highways should make peoples travelling fast, easier and safe… What saga is this?

What action will be taken towards this issue? i see that, two residents already arrested and maybe will be charged as assaulting police personnel… What else going to happen? Public protectors (police dept) seems not in the mood to protect public… Is Grand Saga’s profit is much more important compare to publics cries?

Come on guys, they say this is free country… is it? you got the answer…


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