Social contract myth: Time for new paradigms

Amor Patriae | May 15, 08 4:21pm
I refer to the Malaysiakini

report Don: No such thing as ‘social contract’. 

On April 17, I wrote in my letter and I quote:’A correction, needs to be in place. The idea of ‘non-Malay citizenship in exchange of special treatment of the Malays’ is not based on historical fact but more of Umno propaganda.

It has not been stated in any serious historical work of Malaysia. It is more of a Biro Tatanegara Module which finds entrance in government institutions, universities included. Our historians are well aware of it but chose to be quiet about it. When we ask them, they say there is no point responding to political statements’.

Then I concluded by urging serious scholars to come forward to deny the myth. I am glad that Prof Ungku Aziz rasied the issue. If the social contract is a myth, how are we going to reconstruct the flawed logic? Is this not the time for Pakatan Rakyat Malay leaders to come together and condemn the Umno hegemony of 40 years and to help nurture the nascent Bangsa Malaysia? Where are our civil society leaders? And why are the lead bloggers silent at this defining moment?

We first have to condemn the state agencies that promote and breed racism. The first will be the Biro Tatanegara (BTN) under PM’s department whose only job is to create ill-will towards non- Malays and opposition party Malay members. It is time to remove this deadly virus (BTN) which is a parasite on the Malaysian nation under the payroll of government.

Second, ethnic studies syllabi prepared from school to university are based on the assumption of the ‘social contract’ that was originally developed from BTN modules. This should be revised.

Thirdly, higher learning institutions that are producing research on ethnic relations and ethnicity should move away from ‘social contract’ paradigm to valid sociological/anthropological paradigms.

All ethnic studies institutes/schools that are established in Malaysia are all infested with the deadly virus at the foundational level. A good example is the ethnic studies module prepared by UKM.

When this paradigm shift takes place, the problem of polarisation among ethnic groups in schools or higher learning institutions will fade away. This will be the genuine first step towards creating a better Malaysia.


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