A BN U-turn_no mega project for Penangites

Since the DAP with its allies, PKR and PAS, stormed into power in the March 8 general election, Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng’s state government has made numerous calls to the federal government to carry out these projects sooner than later.

This was in keeping with its electoral promises in which the then the DAP-led state opposition alliance had campaigned vigorously to have these projects completed in time.

Then the ruling BN politicians have called on Penangites to vote for continuity of its political governance to ensure completion of all promised mega projects to the state.

However, less than 100 days after being voted out from power, BN leaders like Azhar, a close aide of the Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi, has now made a political U-turn, urging the two-month old state government to ‘forget about the mega projects.’

In the aftermath of the general elections, he has openly called on the federal government to scrap all these mega projects to ‘punish’ Penangites for voting in the DAP political block as the state government.


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