Murugesan defend MIC: Let it be… he say. Can we let it be?

Ever since I journeyed into cyberspace and joined the blogging community, I have been inundated with calls to work towards the dissolution of MIC or to join a multi-racial party.

Invariably, the calls come from Malaysians of Indian origin. Why are they so eager to see MIC dissolved?

Pakguard84 answer: (Because basically MIC did nothing for the Community! MCA and UMNO atleast did something to their people. MIC is a political party which should available for people when there is a problem arise. Not only available to those in position such as Ketua bahagian, delegates and so on. Does it means normal Indian people do not deserve to get MIC attention? If no, then Why should Malaysian Indian Support MIC? What for?)

MCA, Gerakan and Umno suffered equally in the last general election but we seldom hear the Chinese or the Malays asking these parties to close shop. Is this because the other Barisan Nasional (BN) component parties in Peninsular Malaysia played their role and MIC didn’t?

Pakguard84 answer: (Yes you Hundred percent rite. What role does it play? Did MIC voice up when our Temples all demolished by local authorities? MIC just did some cover-up work for ruling government. People do not elect their leaders to do cover-up stories! They are the one who should Voice up the issues to Government. Did MIC do so? HINDRAF did, PKR and DAP did. So whats wrong if peoples support them? When a party not doing its job, what is the relevancy of its existence? )

Who are those calling for the MIC’s dissolution? The most vocal are non-members, people who did not vote for or support MIC to begin with. So what difference does it make to this group whether or not the party continues to exist?

What is their exigency in seeing the demise of MIC? Could this be supporters of the opposition who fear that MIC might make a strong comeback in the next polls?

Pakguard84 answer: (So, you admit that only members can voice and seeking help to the party. MIC is not for the whole Indian Community in Malaysia? Whether you accept the reality or not, Malaysian Indian Community is not the same as before, they need a leader who can give everything they got without choosing between member and non member. And the reason why they calling for the MIC dissolution is, MIC still keep on saying that they are the one who represent Indisn Community in Malaysia, which is not true… Got it? )

For those who claim that MIC has not done anything for the Indian community, here are some facts and figures:

•   MIC, through it education arm MIED, has disbursed over RM85 million in scholarships and study loans to deserving Indian Malaysians over the last 23 years. It is currently assisting 1,200 Indian Malaysians studying worldwide, through study loans. Most of these loans are only recovered after legal action is threatened.

•   Annually, MIED encourages academic excellence among Indian students by identifying and awarding top achievers in the UPSR, PMR, SPM and STPM examinations.

•   MIED has prepared and printed workbooks for Tamil school students sitting the UPSR examination and has distributed these free of charge. There has been a marked improvement in the students’ achievement since this programme was introduced.

•   Tafe College has produced tens of thousands of para-professionals. And let’s not forget, the setting up of the Asian Institute of Medicine, Science and Technology University in Baling, Kedah.

•   MIC’s social arm, Yayasan Pemulihan Sosial, handles an average of 30 cases a day.

Pakguard84 answer: (Most of MIC program is based on Education program. Ya, i know MIC is giving fund for good result students. Why just telling the good part only? Come on Mr. S. Murugesan, tell us what happen to Maika Holding? Can you tell that? I saw on tv news, what happen to those who asking about Maika Holding! They were pushed out. Those who bought the Maika Holding shares are MIC members too, and why MIC failed to give an exect answer regarding their money/shares? Will people still supporting a party which is full of Corruption Mystery? Ask yourself. Then, lets we talk about AIMST. What happen to the promises MIC made to those donors? There are a large amount of money were raised to build the University. People giving money with an hope that one day their children or grandchildren would benefit from that University. But now, do our Indian Community can really afford to enter the University, which is promised to our community. I don’t know whether this University is really build to aid our Indian Community, but the leaders promises that when they raised the fund!!! And there is more and more issues we can keep on arguing but there will be no solution. It still the same.)


So, for Mr. S. Murugesan’s information, People lose their faith with MIC long time ago. They need a good leader who can really understand lay-peoples Problem. A leader that can listen to publics problem. Definitely MIC cant be the one. One more thing, Dont ever think that Malaysian Indian Youth are supporting DAP, PKR, HINDRAF and other sorts of parties and group just because they were drunk. They are not the youth that MIC saw in 1970’s.


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