ISA detainee tortured until paralysed

Thirukumaran Murugaya 21st May 2008

The wife of an ISA detainee lodged a police report that her husband had not been well cared during his detention and become wheelchair bound.

According to U. Sharmila, 24, wife of K. Sanjeev Kumar, 25, her husband was held under remand for 60 days before he was detained under ISA. She claimed that her husband was tortured badly during that period until his legs and hands became paralysed.

Sharmila adding that she was only told about her husband’s health condition in April after her husband was brought by the camp authorities for treatment at Taiping Hospital.

She already lodged two police report against the Home Ministry, Royal Malaysian Police Force and the ISA detention camp Authorities in Kamunting, at Taiping police station a month before, and at Dang Wangi police station 11am yesterday (Tuesday).

As a matter of fact, i don’t think that the police force going to give attention on this matter. The situation wont changed until ISA is abolished.

(source: BERNAMA)



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2 responses to “ISA detainee tortured until paralysed

  1. Amy

    wish her good luck and dont give up !! if that matter is true than someone will give attention and help to take action..
    T0 :Thirukumaran Murugaya –
    you can help her by putting media pressure, find some pictures and evidance..put the news on local it ?

  2. Thirukumaran Murugaya

    hi Amy…

    Recently local newspaper cover that issue.. They giving reasons… The authorities claim that, he paralysed because of mental illness and not because of torchure…. Another cover up story by our loyal local newspapers…

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