New building for Tamil School? Its just another Political Card, believe it



According to Malaysiakini report, Samy Vellu said that MIC is the only party that representing the Indians interests in the cabinet.

In that report, he also talking loud about Tamil schools. According to the report, they started to building seven Tamil Schools and going to repair around 40 Tamils School nationwide.

Thats a good news… But, my concern is, what happen to various Tamil school that in serious condition such as SRJK(T) Azad Penang? SRJK(T) Ladang Nagappa Jementah, Segamat? And the Contena School in Gelugor, Penang(Subramani Barathiar Tamil School)?

I just curios, what happened to this schools? As i noticed, these schools is not listed in the report.

For readers information, SRJK(T) Ladang Nagappa Jementah is the school that my father studied and he is 45 years old now. The relocation of that school has been pending for 13 years. Leaders come and go, lots of promises, but nothing has change, the school still there. Students number decreasing year by year because of the distance (estimated around 6-7 kilometres from town). Parents prefer to let their children study in Malay School or Chinese school. We cannot blame them, despite the distance, the school building conditions also worsening day by day.

13 years of waiting, Indian community in Jementah still hoping that MIC will do something… Will it happen before something happen to the students?

Another School is SRJK(T) Azad, Penang. I’ve been there twice. First time i saw a school located underneath of a building.

They call it a school, but its look like a jail for me. If you not believe me, go and see yourself.

The school is underneath Penang Indian Association Building. (Unfortunately i don have the school picture)

And Subramani Barathi School in Gelugor Penang, they called it Contena School. Because contena is the classroom. They said going to rebuild the school, but i dont know what happenned next.

My point is, can MIC represent Malaysian Indian in this kind of School matters first?  Tamil School is losing their students everyday. It wont be shocking if one day no Tamil School in Malaysia.

For those who called themselves as Indian Representative/leaders,  please put your political agenda aside and work for your community sincerely!

Your press conferences and statistic doesnt mean anything when the situation is the same.



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