Thugs and Police, what is the differences?

cheras mahkota road grand saga barricade fru assault 280508 01What is going on in Malaysia? Public being beaten up by the thugs, should they lodge a police report? The answer is no!

Yesterday Chang Jiun Haur was beaten up by police officer near the barricade… I think he loose his two teeths and seriously injured. You can watch the video in Malaysiakini.

The question is, do police force have any rights to beat the public? I thought that they suppose to protect the public from the thugs atleast. But now, both are the same.

If chang against the law means, arrest him and charge him la. Who give you rights to beat him? Im sure they going to make some cover-up to protect the police officer. Police brutality has became a normal phenomena in Malaysia nowadays.

Furthermore, what is our govenment doing? How long they going to watch this Saga? Which comes first? Public Interest or Money?

To whom should public complain?

Colourful Malaysia, but recently red colour(blood)  is the favourite one… We can see lot of bloody tragedy happening around…

Grand Saga’s Saga Continue….



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2 responses to “Thugs and Police, what is the differences?

  1. fred

    If you get beaten up by thugs, NEVER lodge a police report, they might detain you and beat you to death and suffer no consequences.

    20 Malaysians died in police stations yearly and no inquest is ever done about it.


    CHINESE say Kia Si Lan (scary) Police suppose to protect innocent civilians but ALAMAK the other way round.No wonder the criminals are mutiplying

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