MIC re-branding, what is the point?



RM 500,000 will be spent on new uniform, new logo and letterhead.

Does it make any sense? This is not a product re-branding process. If the uniform is changed, does it means MIC has change? What is the point by changing the cloths, when people inside the cloths still the same.

Changing the logo doesnt mean anything, people do not join a party or support by viewing the logo. If the logo is new, many youngster will join? Please la. It shows your lacking of idea again. Wont you learn a lesson from previous events Dr.Semi Value?

The best part is, changing letterhead. There is no point in changing letterhead while the party’s head is still the same person.

Do MIC think that Indian people is stupid and blind? We all know this trick Mr. Semi Value. By changing uniform, logo and letterhead, you are not changing anything. You can say that it will attract more youth to join and support MIC? Please wake up, todays youth not like your time, when you give new cloths, money, drinks etc.. they will follow you. That time has vanished since November 25 2007.

Here what we need, Not new Uniform, but new leader to wear that Uniform!

Not new logo, A new leader who can help their community. Logo doesnt mean anything! 

Not new letterhead, but new President name in that letterhead. We are bored with your MIC, its always about you, not the public!

You want to re-brand?

Tell us what happened to MAIKA holding.

Tell us that Indian student will get scholarship to aid their education (i mean indian students, not your ketua bahagian’s son or doughter or their reletives!!! we seek of it)

Tell us that all Indian in Malaysia will be treated equally as other races!

Can you?

Please dont waste the RM 500,000. Use it to aid those people who really need it. Atleast people will try to believe what you are saying. Dont waste the money!


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