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Samy Vellu’s Own Battle….

Ex-MIC Youth Chief S.A. Vigneswaran said that all the battles that MIC had fought over the years with so many Indian leaders were not the party’s battles but Samy Vellu’s own.

Vigneswaran also advised MIC president to leave and prove that he can survive without MIC or bury MIC.

Meanwhile, our dearest MIC president declared that he wont be leaving MIC and his position. He also added that his position is not decided by MIC Youth. (Did you all aware of it our young MIC followers?).

The best part of this story is, Samy Vellu saying that the resignation of Youth Chief was to give way for the younger generation to serve the party.

He also adding by saying that, “There are alot of Young graduates who want to help the party but cannot do so as others are holding the post of Youth Chief for too long”.

What a funny and stupid statement…. He really want young generation to lead the party, but he wont give up his position…

Where MIC is heading?

I really hope and pray to god, that you will lose in next presidential election Mr Samy…

That day will be a day that all Indian in Malaysia remember and celebrate… You will see it…


Source: New Straits Times, June 30 08,



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Public elected MP’s VS Useless Speaker?

Gobind Singh Deo was suspended for two days from the Dewan Rakyat following a run-in with the speaker this morning.

Another blunder by the puppet Speaker Pandikar…

All start when…

Gobind: The government is not committed to the build-and-sell concept. This has got to do with the people’s confidence in the government – just like (PKR de facto leader) Anwar Ibrahim (who) has to take refuge in the Turkish embassy to get a guarantee (of his personal safety).

Tajuddin Abdul Rahman (BN-Pasir Salak) interjects: This has nothing to do with the (main) question.

Gobind: You sit down!

Speaker: Puchong, sit down, sit down first… You don’t even respect me…

Pandikar Amin went on to explain that the two supplementary questions should be related to the original question as stipulated under the Standing Order.

Gobind: This is an important matter. Two months ago, there was a meeting at the (housing and local government) ministry with the Puchong residents…

Speaker: Puchong, if this has nothing to do with the question…

Gobind: Listen to me first, then you decide, don’t interfere just like that! Two months ago…

Speaker: Could you refer to Standing Order 43 (that the Speaker’s decision is final)?

Puchong: Could you listen to my question first? It’s a very short one. We had a meeting before…

Speaker: Sit down! Or else I will use my power under Standing Order 43.

Gobind: Use it! I’m an MP, I’m raising this matter (on behalf of my constituents) Go ahead! I haven’t even given my question!

Speaker: I want you to leave this meeting for two days. 

Wow!!! Speaker’s power… Then what happen to peoples power? Who should sit at the parliement discussing public’s matter? Maybe you with BN MP’s alone… They will listen to your dumbness…

“I’ll be coming back until the question is answered. (It not that) I do not respect the House but as an MP, why don’t I have the right to speak for my people? They need the answer to my question,” Gobind told reporters.

If MPs are not allowed to ask questions, “it will be a waste of time” to attend Parliament sitting, an angry Gobind added. 

Meanwhile, speaker Pandikar Amin explained to reporters as to why he had suspended Gobind.

“I was forced to use my power (against him)… ”

Excuse me Mr. Speaker, you was forced by who? You should give him chance to finish his question…

He representing his people, the public… How can you deny publics voice in parliement?

Remember when last time Khairy Jamaluddin talking rubbish and nonsense, “Projek Khinzir Raksasa”, did you suspended him?

Your job is to listen Mr Pandikar… not to shut off the truth…



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Pandikar Saving Parliement from Journalist…

More than 100 journalists  were not allowed into the lobby area which was barricaded with red tapes and manned by security staff.
Parliament secretariat had said that the barriers were up for the sake of security.

How can parliement ammend such a ruling? I think they try to hide something from public…

Or maybe because Pakatan rakyat getting wide coverage after the recent general election…

According to Malaysiakini, Deputy speaker Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar, who was presiding over the parliamentary sitting yesterday morning, said the decision had been made by the speaker Pandikar Amin Mulia and another deputy speaker Ronald Kiandee collectively.

He added that based on his visits to parliaments abroad such as in the United Kingdom and Australia, he had never seen a parliament so “chaotic” and “swarmed with reporters” as the one in Malaysia.

“By imposing such restrictions merely for the personal comfort and conveniences of certain individuals would contravene the basic spirit of democracy and respect the sanctity of Parliament where reporters can carry out their duties to communicate debate on policy in an accurate and professional manner,” said Lim Guan Eng

“The journalists have been treated as wild and dangerous animals that so much so they have to be caged,” said Lim KIt Siang, adding that the ruling will become a laughing stock in the eyes of the world.

Responding to the comments, Pandikar Amin Mulia ask “Since when Bagan (Guan Eng) and Batu Gajah (Fong) are interested to become the editors?”  “How do we know whether those showing the press tag are indeed journalists?”

Isnt that funny and childish? Come on Pandikar Amin, be a man…

He want to ensure parliement’s safety, but parliement itself not a safe place for journalist especially… remember the missing laptop and purse belong to Malaysiakini reporter?


Source: Malaysiakini



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Malaysiakini: “Samy hasn’t done anything…”

“We trusted him so much back in those days… we were happy with whatever we received because back then, we believed that our leader will take care of our needs,” Apparao expressed.

“For so many years he has done hardly anything to benefit the Indian community. But the younger generation will not sit back and take it any more… they will question like they did during the Hindraf mass rally,” he added.

“This is not a personal grudge against him (Samy Vellu) but it is high-time for him to give up his position to someone else more capable because the Indian community is not prospering under his guidance,” said Apparao.

Apparao Ramadumala, 50, a party loyalist of more than 30 years, was one of the afew who had gathered for the rally. He expressed utmost regret and disappointment towards Samy Vellu’s leadership.





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Long leave…

hi  guys… this few days no time to update my blog…

Just back from kl… Will start my update by tommorrow….

Keep viewing…



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Malaysiakini:’There was never any subsidy’

“Al Tugauw: There was never any subsidy. The BN government is and has been cheating the people. If we follow their twisted logic, then everything the government spends on is a ‘subsidy’ of one sort or another. It is the Malaysian people that have been subsidising shoddy government, mismanagement and extravagance, even sheer waste and corruption, the brunt of which is being borne by the hardcore poor of the oil-producing states, Sarawak, Sabah and Terengganu, who should rightfully have a far better claim for ‘subsidies’.

Furthermore, the Ministers’ 10% cut is actually nothing. Their pay plus allowance is about 40k. But they don have to spend it for any basic necessities.

Their phone bills, electric bills all paid for. Oil and toll all paid for. Whenever they go out to makan with anyone also, they submit the receipt and claim back, so why even bother giving them the entertainment allowance?
Their overseas trip also, all paid for plus they are given pocket money to spend! WHy do they even need the holidays? Not that they do much work also… its the ‘ppl’ who are working!!!
“BH:Despite all the hue and cry from the public, these corporations continued to increase prices and later at the end of the year, proudly announced their annual achievements of certain high figures. Doesn’t this sound like robbing from the poor to feed the rich? With all these crazy increases, we should be asking the government to reserve their savings from the subsidies to pay off the toll concessionaires so that all roads can be toll-free. And return Petronas to the rightful owner – the citizens of Malaysia.

“Johnny Koay:If the BN government really cares for the rakyat they should instruct TNB to help. The BN government has bailed out MAS and other non-performing government companies. When they are in a fix, they ask the rakyat to ‘sabar’ or change our lifestyle.

Finally, here is one radical suggestion…

“Thanneer: Target one of the petrol providers and boycott their stations completely. Once their revenues go down, theoretically they can either close shop or reduce prices. If they choose to close shop, we can continue this with another company. This can be executed as long as we get mass cooperation from motorists.


(Source: Malaysiakini and A Caring Civil Servant)



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Procedure To Claim Rebate

Vehicle owners are required to bring along their original identity card or MyKad or police/army identity card to claim for cash rebates at 683 post offices nationwide starting Saturday.

Claimants are also required to fill in details like their full name, identity card number and vehicle registration number on the prescribed form available at the post offices.

Those who have more than one vehicle have to fill a separate form for each vehicle, for up to five vehicles (cars or combination of cars and motorcycles).

During the Phase I period, third parties are not allowed to make the claims on behalf of vehicle owners.

The procedure was explained by Pos Malaysia Berhad acting managing director Datuk Abu Huraira Abu Yazid to reporters ahead of the first phase of the rebate claim that will stretch until March 31, 2009.

He said after filling the form, Pos Malaysia staff would verify with the Road Transport Department’s (JPJ) database to determine the eligibility for the cash rebate.

Abu Huraira said for Phase I, vehicle owners whose road tax were purchased or renewed between April 1 and May 31 this year could start claiming the subsidy from June 14 to March 31 next year.

For Phase II, vehicle owners who purchased or renewed their road tax between June 1 this year and March 31, 2009, could make their claims from July 1 this year.

For Phase I, Pos Malaysia expects rebate claims to be made on 1.7 million vehicles.

Abu Huraira said to ensure a smooth process, 2,000 counter staff at the post offices would be involved in this and officers would also be on hand to handle problems that might crop up.

“We expect each transaction not to exceed three minutes,” he added.

Abu Huraira said Pos Malaysia also provided payment for the rebate claims through money order for those who preferred not to wait at the post office counters for the rebates.

The procedure is the same but the claimants must fill in the form their permanent or postal address and telephone contact number before dropping the form in the box provided at the post office.

For payment via money order, the maximum waiting period is seven days and the vehicle owners can cash the money order at any nearest post office or bank the amount into their bank account.

(Source: Bernama)


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