MIC Report Card


REbranding exercise will be start from performance rating system to evaluate the effectiveness of MIC branches. In addition to the rating system, a people satisfaction Index (PSI) also will be introduced in july, to gather feedback from grassroots.

Interseting part is, Samy vellu said that there is alot of Indian Youngsters were eager to join the party. ANd they aim to recruit 50000 new member.

I read this news in The Star, while reading it, i questioned myself, thus it make any sense or does it called re-branding process?

I don know. But the statement that alot of young people were very eager to join the party… i dont think so… What they meant by young people? those who in middle 30’s and 40’s?

Talking…Talking…Talking… keep on talking… But nothing has Change…

To indian youngsters, dont believe or depend on others. Believe in yourself. Small changes within you can bring a massive changes to the Community. Our Futures not in MIC’s hand/leaders hand, it in our hands, hold it tight and make your first step to start the journey. New Malaysian Indian Journey… You will be that New Malaysian Indian one day. BELIEVE!

Even HINDRAF also start their journey alone, but now we can see how massive is the impacts on our community…. Arise! Awake! stop not till the GOAL is reached!!!


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