Fuel Price cause a massive panic!!!


One litre of petrol is now 2.70 ringgit… Can you believe it? Believe it…. Cannot take it? You must take it…

As far as i see now, there is a massive traffic jam at Penang. People were rushing to full their tanks. Cars waiting bumper to bumper. Lots of road accident, for a moment i thought today is judgement day. But when i open my mails, then only i realised that oil price increasing tommorrow… oh no, i must fill up my bike tanks also… never mind la tommorrow never dies… hehe

Then, i receive a call from my junior, telling that two Petrol Station staff were injured badly at Kluang.. The reason is, they running out of stock of petrol…

Pity the workers..

Next month more surprises to come, electric tarriff going to increase!!! What next?

Wait and see…


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