Govt should cut their expenses! Not burdening the public?


once upon a time, Najib told us to change our lifestyle…

Yup, we try to change and we get use to it… But not this time… Its riddiculous…

I think its time for our leaders sit and discuss to come up with better solutions. There are many Economic experts in Malaysia, take their ideas and advice…

As a normal citizen what i feel:

1. Govt should stop unnecessary events and celebrations. Ussually its too grand, the outcome, public have to bear the costs.

2. Why most of the government events held at high class hotels? then what for spending bilions on government buildings?

3. Why govenment officers/staffs short term courses or workshop must be held at famous holiday spot? Do they really going to attent the courses or enjoy? Do public have to pay for their vacation trip?

4. Oversea trip… i understand that it is important to maintain international relations with other countries. But the question is, why our leaders cannot use economy class flight? come on, i know its not your money, so spend it wisely… its peoples money…

And finally, please reduce wastages in the management level… It is easy to ask people change their lifestyle… before that please, please, please change your style first.

we need improved lifestyle not increased oil price!!! 


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