PUTERA MIC award for blogging excellence



When Malaysian were hit by fuel price Tsunami, MIC come up with some sort of blogging award…

According to Malaysiakini report, Putera MIC wants to expose more Indian youths to blogging and encourage them to be fair in their postings and content.

As far as i concern, the posting and contents will be fair if MIC fair enough in their action. Nobody will criticise MIC if everything fine. The problem is there is alot of grass roots problems that MIC have to solve. Which they failed to do until now…

Furthermore, as reported in Malaysiakini, the latest move by Putera MIC is seen as an attempt to regain lost ground, especially after losing support from the Indian youths.

Once again im telling you guys, Indian youth wont support you just because you giving award to them or encourage them to blogging… Do something to the mass society. Dont waste peoples money by organizing such events, because as a member of  community i feel that you people wasting the money. Which can be used to aid our indian brothers and sisters(those who really need money).

We Malaysian Indian Youth start blogging not because someone told us to do so. We learn to do so when we realise that my community needs me. We not hoping to get awards for what we are doing now. We blogging as volunteer and standing together with public.

Yes we are critical towards MIC, but do MIC take it into account? If really MIC going to help INdian Community, then it should consider the views and opinion because im part of the Indian Community also.

Anyhow, those who(of course blog which content pro MIC writtings) will get the award, my best wishes… But dont forget your responsibility to your community…

A political party always full of agendas… but my pity Indian Community demmed in full of sadness… Lets change it… Blogging to bright the community, not for the award!!!


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One response to “PUTERA MIC award for blogging excellence

  1. MIC is throwing dog cookies and these stupid bloggers are going for it!

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