Permit not granted for Candlelight Vigil at Kamunting Tommorrow


According to BERNAMA news report, Police have advised people not to participate in candlelight vigil at the Kamunting Detention Camp tommorrow.

Taiping district police chief, ACP Raja Musa Raja Razak said they will act against those who attend the vigil… The reason is, police do not want any untoward incident because it can lead to rioting if not controlled.

The funniest thing is, he told that the vigil can be held in a hall or field without disturbing anyone… Does it make any sense? Is this a tea party or sukaneka?


Last time when UMNO held a Demo at KOMTAR, police didnt do anything to prevent the demo… Why? IS that demo held in a hall? field?

It was held in main road!!! cause a massive traffic jam!

Didnt you know that they going to held a demo? Of course police know about it, but why no action…

Now, this people just want to do a candlelight vigil, which will be a peaceful gathering and they not going to demonstrate. Its a sort of expression. A message to abolish ISA.

Because of the permit is not granted, it going to be an illegal/unlawful gathering and once again police brutality might be happen at kamunting tommorrow…. To whom should we complain???


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