There Is No Such Thing As Illegal Assembly


1000 Malaysians participate in peaceful anti-ISA candlelight Vigil yesterday at Kamunting Detention Centre, Taiping.

According to Malaysiakini report, it was one of the biggest anti-ISA assembly organised by Anti-ISA Movement (GMI).

As you all know, police permit is not granted for this peaceful gathering.

According to Malaysiakini report, several activists dismissed Raja Musa contention of illegal assembly, saying that permit was only technical matter.

Bar Council’s Darawaheda Rufin stress that, there is no such thing as illegal assembly. Freedom is guaranteed by the constitution.

The gathering ended peacefully at 9 pm.

Thank God…



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11 responses to “There Is No Such Thing As Illegal Assembly

  1. kclim

    agreed there is no such thing as a illegal assembly. If those UMNO monkeys can gather to demostrate then other people can gather peacefully to view their grievances

  2. khalaai

    POLIS PERMIT is just a technic use by our present goverment to stop public voice against them. they can say this in 1957, but not in 2008. so goverment pls try some other yr gd or best technic.

  3. daniel

    i dont agree. there is such a thing as an illegal assembly. like those by umno threatening to ‘soak the keris in “non-malays”‘s blood..” etc…

    illegal assembly is just something that threatens
    (i) the self-interests of the ruling parties
    (ii) the well-being of the rakyat;


    in msia we dont hv something like a speakers corner in the lakes gardens or dataran merdeka.

    are we ready for it? i am. but we may scare the poor makciks/pakciks in the kampung who are, not their fault, ignorant of the national issues. local issues are paramount to them. bersih? abolish isa? why, rightly, should they care? what the heck is happening, they’d ask. so please, god, someone go explain to them.

    you learned people in the cities, however strong and educated you are, with ideals, theories, dreams etc…you alone is still one vote against any ignorant village-folk, no thanks to 50years (that TWO generations, bro & sis). how to undo it?

  4. Ahmad

    Suggest that PR state goverments in 5 states to have weekend speaker corner at Dataran’s such as Dataran Shah Alam, Dataran Ipoh, Dataran Alor Star, Padang Negeri P.Pinang and Dataran Kota Bahru.
    Show to BN goverment that PR goverment are open to rakyat to talk any issue be it BN issues or PR issues.

  5. daniel

    dear ahmad,
    bleeding good idea!!

    yes, do it!
    yes, do it!
    yes, do it!

  6. daniel

    i add: that’ll set an oh-so-high standard for them BN to catch up on. hahahaha!!

    but i’m afraid such “speakers corner” will not be so easy to implement bcos obviously it’ll fall under the purview of the KDN – i.e. eh…cannot cannot. no permit no permit.


  7. if i f not mistaken. its stated in Federal Constitution artikel 11-
    ”kebebasan berhimpun secara aman”
    it clearly shows that Malaysian can assemble as long as they r in peace.

  8. ruyom

    New Cabinet:

    Prime Minister – Anwar

    Deputy Prime Minister – Lim Kit Siang

    Culture Minister – Farish Noor

    Defence Minister –

    Education Minister – Nga Kor Ming

    Environment Minister – Teresa Kok

    Finance Minister – Tony Pua

    Foreign Minister – Ramasamy

    Health Minister – Tan Seng Giaw

    Home Minister –

    Information Minister – Jeff Ooi

    Law Minister – Teng Chang Khim

    Manpower Minister –

    Sports Minister –

    Technology Minister –

    Trade Minister – Khalid

    Transport Minister – Liew Chin Tong

    (Penang Chief Minister – Lim Guan Eng)

  9. daniel

    article 11 applies only to pro-BN events. to them, anything else is illegal.

    just change them lah.

    someone said, and i are, ” a new beginning … “.

    3 simple words. so full of hope.

  10. daniel

    “are” above shld be “agree”

  11. daniel


    respectfully, i dont agree with your list. it wont work. it cant work. not now – not in another few generations. this is malaysia.

    i am itching to think that you may have posted this list as a figment of your imagination. or worse you may have a sinister plot to create fear amongst our malay friends that, perhaps, this list will come true soon if they do not support BN and, as a result, then the “ketuanan melayu” fire will be enhanced this is dangerous. if JPA/minister/BN’s intention is pure, then so far so good. but i am not just sceptical, i KNOW them BN fellas are playing the racial card. oh…so hollow. and they thougth we cant see thru it. but anyway they would’ve achieved their sinister plans somewhat i’m sure. some of our easily manipulated malay friends may be swayed to think that their “rights” are now being taken away right under their noses. dirty tactics. but this is politics, no? sigh…

    so, coming from this angle, i respectfully urge you not to take this supposed wish-list of a cabinet seriously. not now please. it cant work. i hope it doesnt materialise. not now. not in a few generations to come.

    anyway, simply, realpolitik will dictate that there to be more malays/bumiputras to be in the cabinet. i think it should be like that.

    there are many roles that one can consider if one’s desire is to serve the country. but, from your list, it looks too much like singapore . we are malaysians. i cannot say i am not racially-conscious but i am not a racist. but, to me, malaysian non-bumis cannot, even perceived to, be “taikors” in malaysian politics. not now. not in a few more generations.

    yes, i wrote “non-bumis” in the para above. it’s still relevant. what can i do? we gotta go at it slowly. any forceful implementation will only result in chaos. i dread the arrival of that day.

    but will that day come when perhaps our bumi (malays and orang asli) friends be comfortable with just about any composition of members in the cabinet? it’s not for me/u/them to answer but it’s my dream (too).

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