Double punishment for Chang Jiun Haur. Is it fair?


Pict from malaysiakini.comPict:

Chang Jiun Haur who was brutally assaulted by riot police in BMC barricade issue last month will be charge for reckless driving….

But what action will be taken against those who beat him? Will there will be a fair judgement?

If it is true that he drove recklessly, police should not beat him… They should charge him in court like what they’re doing now…

Chang already get an unlawful and brutal punishment from the riot police who beat him… Now they want to charge him according to law… This is too much…

According to Malaysiakini, Chang was among four individuals that under investigation by the police for attempted murder during an incident on 27 May.

Meanwhile, according to police sources, the four were being probed for allegedly attempting to cause injuries to several police personnel while driving away from the scene (BMC barricade).

However, there are aspect that should be taken into consideration. What action will be taken against the riot squad?

Pict from malaysiakini.comPict:

Because when i watch the video of that incident in Malaysikini, it seems that the riot squad personnel plan to kill him. Twenty riot squad personnel kicking and beat him recklessly, isn’t that an attempt to murder?

Then about the broken baton… I dont think that the baton was broken because of Changs driving, it may be used to beat him up… Maybe….just Maybe….

Anything can happen, and anything can be hidden, finally some cover-up will be done….

The result: Police brutality yes, but still public guilty…

What happen to peoples power? Today Chang is the victim, tommorrow maybe me, you or anyone…





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One response to “Double punishment for Chang Jiun Haur. Is it fair?

  1. Definitely. It could be you or me tomorrow.

    Do you wonder how that baton got broken? The one that was used to justify that Chang ran over the FRU?

    No Violence Used?

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