Don’t Ignore “duit kopi” corruption… Catch the small fishes first…

Transparency and accountability is what we need now… despite of cost cutting plans, our dearest prime minister should take a look on Malaysia’s Corruption Index.

“Grand corruption is misleading (us into thinking that small corruption is non-existant). There are big fishes but there are many small fishes too,” said Transparency International Malaysia president Ramon V Navaratnam. (As quoted in Malaysiakini)

Most Corrupt Agencies in Malaysia (“1.0” is ‘least corrupt’ and “5” is ‘most corrupt’)

1. Malaysia’s Police Force – 3.8/5

2. Registry and Permits – 3.1/5

3. Judiciary – 2.8/5

4. Tax Office – 2.5/5

5. Media – 2.4/5

6. Education System – 2.2/5

7. NGOs – 2.2/5

8. Medical Services – 2.1/5

“The people are affected when we get poor health service, poor education because of corruption and greed. We pay 10, 20, 30 percent more because of negotiated contracts,” added Navaratnam. (As quoted in Malaysiakini)


(Source: Malaysiakini)


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