Malaysiakini: “Samy hasn’t done anything…”

“We trusted him so much back in those days… we were happy with whatever we received because back then, we believed that our leader will take care of our needs,” Apparao expressed.

“For so many years he has done hardly anything to benefit the Indian community. But the younger generation will not sit back and take it any more… they will question like they did during the Hindraf mass rally,” he added.

“This is not a personal grudge against him (Samy Vellu) but it is high-time for him to give up his position to someone else more capable because the Indian community is not prospering under his guidance,” said Apparao.

Apparao Ramadumala, 50, a party loyalist of more than 30 years, was one of the afew who had gathered for the rally. He expressed utmost regret and disappointment towards Samy Vellu’s leadership.





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8 responses to “Malaysiakini: “Samy hasn’t done anything…”

  1. kluangman

    Jumpa ular dengan oang India, ketuk orang India dulu… demonstrasi anti samy dibatalkan tanpa sebab.

    You orang cakap banyak pusing, hasilnya ‘kosong’

  2. pathfinder

    Your picture in your blog paints a thousand words. What has he done for the Indians? What has he done since Hindraf rally? What has he done to the Hindraf FIVE? What has he done for the Indians suffering because of the petrol increase? What has he done…. ? What has he done…? What …..

  3. raj

    the question is wether Dato Seri Samy or MIC not fit to represent Indian Community in Malaysia.If ur answer is change the president
    then who is the right person to replace him and why??????.If MIC party then what is our choice

  4. When the captain of a ship can’t take you to your desired destination
    You either abandon ship or change the captain of the ship
    Rather than to be like lost sheep without a sense of purpose or direction
    Being blamed all over the place as being the black sheep

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 230608
    Mon. 23rd June 2008.

  5. Al Salam

    samy velu baruah babi,anak haram,#$%#@^&*()*&-u bastard-u cheated the poor hindu indians.The poor indians were forcefully brought to this country by the bastard British.But even though they forcefully brought here they provided everything-education,job,child care centre and places of worship for their welfare,wellbeing and advancement.But when his master MAMAK his master(as he called him when he called him racist) became as p.minister in 1982-when he nationlised all the Estates,then owned by the Bristish-Dunlop,Gutherie,Sime Darby and etc-we the poor indian thougth it is dawn of the new era for our future,our childrens future-unfortunately the nationalisation happened to be dusk for indians.we indians came to this country before mamak pariah MM CAME TO THIS COUNTRY.Samy #@#$% should be shamefull of himself.samy -u know the indians believed in you 100 per cent-but u betrayed them 30 years-u samy lie down on theb bed and just please and please visualise about poor indians-why they should be beggars in this country where their forefathers had shed their blood and sweat-cleared the jungles to make rubber plantations-tapping rubber in the early morning to make this country wealthy and prosperous.Their parents,grandmothers and grandfathers are crying in the grave.After 50 years of independant-the poor indias are syill without b.cert.i cards,no proper school(tamil)no proper place to live(house)after being chaced out from from the estates.Samy you and family and yor children will pay for this-surely willbe punish by the god.Samy you are liar and cheat the poor indians who trusted u.You make make use of MICto make wealth for yourself ,family and cronies in mic.You betrayed the trust and hope of the poor indians by capitalising on their naivenes.YOU USE THE TAMIL SCHOOLS AND TEMPLES AS YOUR POLITICAL BASE TO CHEAT THEM.SHAME ON YOU.LOOK AT YOUR FAMLIY-YOUR CHILDREN,YOUR CHILDREN-HOW IS THEIR LIVE?aLL IS GODS PUNISMENT TO YOU BECAUSE YOU CHEATED THE POOR INDIANS.

  6. sami sami

    Precisely what has Samy done for Malaysia? Absolutely nothing. Samy did worked if we consider broken bridges, leaking buildings and toll collections.

  7. tullasi

    he is still around, despite the clear message was delivered duringGE ‘2008! i guess no man is around or avaiable to take charge….maybe it is time for the women to take over……Datin Indrani what is your say….stop bugging us everyday via RTM…look at your backyard!

  8. ali b .talib

    To all…… whats a pity to all of us… we voted to have leaders… to look a pond our difficulties yet turn us down…..arent they selfish???

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