Malaysiakini: Najib will take over in 2 years?, oh my god!!!

Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has set his retirement date –  he will hand over the leadership to his deputy Najib Abdul Razak in two years’ time in 2010.

“I have decided to hand over my position to Najib to take over as party president in June, in the middle of 2010,” Abdullah told a press conference.

But the problem is, as things stand now, can we imagine Najib as a Prime Minister of Malaysia in two years time?

So many things and issues has been raised against him recently… But no any answers has been given to the public… All the issues still hanging with question mark…

Source: Malaysiakini

What going to happen if he became Prime Minister… Oh god, i cannot imagine…



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13 responses to “Malaysiakini: Najib will take over in 2 years?, oh my god!!!

  1. dILA

    with Najib as malaysia PM, then the country will be back like Mahathir time – kuku besi

    By 2020, malaysia will break world record as the first well respected country to go down at the same level as Zimbabwe.

    better start packing our bag..otherwise, prepare to be C4 by Najib

  2. dILA

    najis as our PM? ok, I packing my bag before najis launch a pre-entrive strike with C4 to poor rakyat

  3. Raj

    Punishment of death in this country will be by explosive. No more hanging!

  4. John

    Extremely irresponsible on Badawi’s part to hand over power to Najib. That’s all the rakyat can think off.

  5. I can tell you, Malaysia is now the laughing stock of the world.We just don’t have credible leaders,who can earn our respect.We are heading down the drain.

  6. HappyMalaysian

    well you can imaging the worst.

  7. malaysiaboleh

    yes. only this words can describe : “oh my god!!”

  8. You believe this shit. 2 years is a long time, possibly KJ and his spin masters will come up with very credible reasons for Najib to step down like the old man said. The thing is to get rid of this shit BN once and for all. Najib, Badawi and others in BN are all the same, end of the day they are all greedy for power and money.

    Result: We lose

  9. Tanpa Kepala

    I agree sir. This really does frighten me.

  10. M See A

    What is going to happen to Malaysia if Najob becomes PM? Hidup Najib!! Mampus Malaysia.

  11. Most of opposition leader will be held under ISA.
    Some of them… c4?

  12. kplee

    Really absurd of our sleepy head PM. DPM is now in deep shit on mongolian women murder issue. Sleepy head still got the nerve to appoint our C4 (OOps DPM) as next PM. The world will laugh louder now. Oh i forgot he is sleeping when talking. He may also flip flop again on his decision. Sleepy.zzzz and flip flop ppp….Gave up…

  13. Al Faso

    Hi guys! Do you think this will really happen? Its just the political way of buying time to get rid of Najib. Any decent politician in the west would have resigned if such accusations were hanging on his head. But alas.. this is Malaysia! The PM has to decide…

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