Breaking News by Malaysiakini: Anwar was arrested

When he was arrested a decade ago-

Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim was arrested by the police just outside his home in Bukit Segambut, Kuala Lumpur, at 12.55pm today.

The de facto PKR leader was on his way back to his house after being questioned by the Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA).

 A team of police officers were waiting, according to lawyer R Sivarasa.

Anwar was driven away in a 4WD vehicle with tinted windows, escorted by a convoy of 15 patrol cars. They arrived at Kuala Lumpur police headquarters at 1.11pm.

It is believed that members of a special team from the serious crime division – sporting balaclavas and leather jackets – were also involved in the operation.  

What going to happen next?

Meanwhile, Anwar’s wife and PKR president Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail confirmed the arrest.

She told reporters in parliament that she had received a call from Anwar and that he had complained of rough treatment by the arresting officers.

Whoever punch Anwars face this time, will be next chief of Police…

Good luck Malaysia! Peoples eyes on you!!! Do not forget it.

And most important do not blame rakyat if there is demonstrations in near future.

Police should handle this matter in a tolerate manner maybe…

Last time whwn reformasi taking place, the flow of information is not very good. But now, information flowing at a high level through Internet…

So, to those who think that you still can fool around, beware… It wont take long time to throw you away!

Rakyat Rules


Source: Malaysiakini


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