Another death in custody….Kugan’s horrifying picts….



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4 responses to “Another death in custody….Kugan’s horrifying picts….

  1. CKT

    Kugan is a criminal. One of the worst and most notorious. If the senseless criminal can be so brutal at such a young age, you can imagine how he had treated the police while in custody and how the police would react. The parents must be responsible but judging by the way they had immortalised Kugan The Criminal, and stormed into the hospital, you know how they had raised Kugan.

    Police keep us away from criminals like Kugan. And while we sleep soundly at home, I don’t care how police did it. If I had been Kugan’s victim, this is precisely what I wanted to happen to him. Court procedures is too lengthy that it only upholds justice to the criminal and not the victim. Kugan had shown every single criteria of an evil criminal. Detained after brutal car chase, showed the police to 15 hijacked car and (allegedly) admitted to traumatising victims with crash-and-rob style of crime.

    An innocent would have been cooperative and there should be no reason the police can be forceful. It’s not everyday that criminal in police custody died, Kugan must be a very disgusting one.

    Police is the hero in this one, …

    Even one of those detained in the procession was a murder suspect. I don’t know who else would the police uncover if the whole procession was detained and screened. Procession of criminals for a criminal?


    • Thirukumaran Murugaya

      Kugan is a suspect….Court have to decide wheter he is a criminal or not….Not police or u….We are not stupid to just consume whatever the police force saying….They can create the crime scene….They can simply kill a detainee and claim that he is criminal….Why didnt prove it in court???? Why must beat him like that??? Where is the Human Rights??? Come on….people like u r the one who make this country sick! Today Kugan (an Indian), who knows tom might be urs or mine!!! The justice is dying in this country…but god always watching….. ANYHOW, THANKS FOR UR COMMENT…..

  2. justiceisblind

    Justice is for everyone, if we are all angels than there is no justice, there is no court because there is no wrong doers. It is not for us to judge anyone and the same goes to the so-called police. He was killed so brutally in the police custody, if this had happened to him today, it might tommorow to YOU or ME. This is the beginning….of the police force.

  3. justiceisblind

    inhuman degrading treatment….human rights applies to all…if you think his a criminal and he deserve it then there is no difference between YOU and THE CRIMINAL…justice is blind…we should upholded it and if required extended….

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