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Procedure To Claim Rebate

Vehicle owners are required to bring along their original identity card or MyKad or police/army identity card to claim for cash rebates at 683 post offices nationwide starting Saturday.

Claimants are also required to fill in details like their full name, identity card number and vehicle registration number on the prescribed form available at the post offices.

Those who have more than one vehicle have to fill a separate form for each vehicle, for up to five vehicles (cars or combination of cars and motorcycles).

During the Phase I period, third parties are not allowed to make the claims on behalf of vehicle owners.

The procedure was explained by Pos Malaysia Berhad acting managing director Datuk Abu Huraira Abu Yazid to reporters ahead of the first phase of the rebate claim that will stretch until March 31, 2009.

He said after filling the form, Pos Malaysia staff would verify with the Road Transport Department’s (JPJ) database to determine the eligibility for the cash rebate.

Abu Huraira said for Phase I, vehicle owners whose road tax were purchased or renewed between April 1 and May 31 this year could start claiming the subsidy from June 14 to March 31 next year.

For Phase II, vehicle owners who purchased or renewed their road tax between June 1 this year and March 31, 2009, could make their claims from July 1 this year.

For Phase I, Pos Malaysia expects rebate claims to be made on 1.7 million vehicles.

Abu Huraira said to ensure a smooth process, 2,000 counter staff at the post offices would be involved in this and officers would also be on hand to handle problems that might crop up.

“We expect each transaction not to exceed three minutes,” he added.

Abu Huraira said Pos Malaysia also provided payment for the rebate claims through money order for those who preferred not to wait at the post office counters for the rebates.

The procedure is the same but the claimants must fill in the form their permanent or postal address and telephone contact number before dropping the form in the box provided at the post office.

For payment via money order, the maximum waiting period is seven days and the vehicle owners can cash the money order at any nearest post office or bank the amount into their bank account.

(Source: Bernama)


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