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Vacation for Ministers, send the bill to rakyat please…


Conversation between a blogger with Manasia-sia’s Prime Minister

Mr. PM, you said that government going to cut their expenses. Im curious to know what happen to Ministers holiday Vacation?

“Vacation for Ministers granted but within Asean Countries only”

Huh? if within Asean Countries only, is it free?

“No no no, rakyat will pay for us. Im sure they will be happy with my decission”

Why would rakyat can be happy with your decission Mr. PM?

“We already saving cost what?”

Huh? how is that possible? Can you explain about that?

“Ya la, before this the ministers can go anywhere they like and It will cost more. But now, i have limited to ASEAN countries only,he he he he…. It save alot of money.”

Is it so important for the Ministers to go Vacation?

“Of course, we also human ma… we are not machine!”

Oh.. i see.. But Mr. PM, why must use rakyats money? Ministers cannot afford to use their own money for vacations huh. Especially when they bring along their kaum kerabat?

“Dey! what are you talking about? We became as ministers not to use our own money. We should try to save/grab as much as we can for us and our family members and relatives. Then only can built big house, can buy private jet, having luxury life and more.”

So you all became as ministers to make money? not to serve the rakyats?

“Exectly! Smart boy, would you like to work for me as my Press Secretary?”

I dont think that i can work for you…


Because, you are no longer going to be Manasia-sia’s PM… Rakyat going to kick you out!

“Why? im not good meh?”

Oh yes… you are very good in cost saving plans…When the rakyat can’t even afford to pump gas to go to work and we are turning off lights at home to save on electricity, you have granted fully paid holidays for ministers without spending limit, and which ‘only’ confined to Asean Countries.(Lemons, Malaysiakini)

“Remember that we have sacrifice alot. Before this we can fly anywhere we wish to. But now only to Asean Countries!”

How about rakyats sacrifices?

“Screw rakyats! Who care! What they can do?”

Actually Mr.PM, you screw yourself today… thank you and bye-bye… 

 I got the idea from malaysiakini (Your Say: Leaders with the thickest skin on earth).


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