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This is a WARNING!!!

Protesters in Penang today called on Malay rulers to revoke the citizenship of Malaysians who dispute Malay special rights and demanded safeguards to their special position as enshrined in the constitution.

At the end of the rally, the coalition’s leaders led by its president, Md Radzi Daud, submitted a memorandum to Penang governor Abdul Rahman Abbas.

The document also called on Malaysians to defend Islam as the nation’s official religion, the granting of immunity to the Malay royalty and the upholding of the draconian Internal Security Act to protect national security. Jail them under ISA

At the press conference later, Md Radzi – said that gathering was to warn the people not to dispute the country’s constitution by raising issues that “could disrupt communal harmony”.

He said the coalition felt it was timely and imperative to hold such a gathering to remind Malaysians about their responsibility to safeguard the constitution, the royalty, social contract, and the nation’s peace and harmony.

Of late, he pointed out that many Malaysians have stirred Malay sentiments over a slew of issues.

“By disputing the aspirations of the constitution, some are inciting racial tension and communal disharmony,” said Md Radzi, who is also Yayasan Aminul Ummah Malaysia president.

He wants those who whip up racial sentiments to be detained without trial under ISA.

Md Radzi also called on Malaysians to respect the laws and to recognise the rights of various communities in the country to live in peace and harmony.

“Anyone who challenged this should be detained under ISA and the person’s citizenship should be revoked,” he said.

Silence not a sign of weakness

The four-point memorandum also warned that the patience exercised by the Malays thus far shall not be construed as a sign of weakness or fear.

“Malays have kept quiet so far to maintain peace and harmony, but don’t disturb the bees hive or you can be destroyed,” stated the memorandum.

Many teenagers at the gathering carried banners with slogans written in both Malay and Jawi such as ‘Kesabaran Melayu Ada Batas’ (Malays’ Patience Has Limits), ‘Jangan Hina Nabi Muhammad SAW’ (Don’t Insult Nabi Muhammad), ‘Jangan Pertikaikan ISA’ (Don’t Dispute ISA). ‘Kekebalan Raja Raja Dipertahankan’ (Defend the Royal Immunity), and ‘Jangan Pertikaikan Hak Orang Melayu’ (Don’t Dispute Malay Rights).

Other banners included ‘Melayu dan Mamak Bersatu’ (United Malays and Indian Muslims) and ‘Jangan Ulang 13 Mei’ (Don’t Repeat May 13).

source: Malaysiakini

( Draconian law(ISA) to protect national security??? don’t disturb the bees hive or u can be destroyed??? May god bless Malaysian People…)


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Malaysiakini: Waytha, do not come back, ISA waiting for you…

Syed Hamid Albar today revealed that Hindu Rights Action Force chairman P Waythamoorthy had been issued an arrest warrant under the Internal Security Act (ISA), which allows detention without trial.

“There was an ISA warrant against him and they (Home Ministry) wanted to revoke his passport. But when I became the minister, I said I do not want the passport to be cancelled,” he said in the bid to clarify the status of the Hindraf leader who is currently in self-imposed exile in London.

However Syed Hamid, who is former foreign minister, did not say whether the arrest warrant is still valid.

Meanwhile, Syed Hamid said the government has no plans to review the ISA and other preventive laws as they are “still relevant”.

“They are needed to prevent any activities that could threaten national security,” he said in response to a written question from Karpal Singh (DAP-Bukit Gelugor).

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There Is No Such Thing As Illegal Assembly


1000 Malaysians participate in peaceful anti-ISA candlelight Vigil yesterday at Kamunting Detention Centre, Taiping.

According to Malaysiakini report, it was one of the biggest anti-ISA assembly organised by Anti-ISA Movement (GMI).

As you all know, police permit is not granted for this peaceful gathering.

According to Malaysiakini report, several activists dismissed Raja Musa contention of illegal assembly, saying that permit was only technical matter.

Bar Council’s Darawaheda Rufin stress that, there is no such thing as illegal assembly. Freedom is guaranteed by the constitution.

The gathering ended peacefully at 9 pm.

Thank God…



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Thank God….

Thank god that ISA Candlelight Vigil at Kamunting run smoothly without any bloody events….. Just got the info from my friend…


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Permit not granted for Candlelight Vigil at Kamunting Tommorrow


According to BERNAMA news report, Police have advised people not to participate in candlelight vigil at the Kamunting Detention Camp tommorrow.

Taiping district police chief, ACP Raja Musa Raja Razak said they will act against those who attend the vigil… The reason is, police do not want any untoward incident because it can lead to rioting if not controlled.

The funniest thing is, he told that the vigil can be held in a hall or field without disturbing anyone… Does it make any sense? Is this a tea party or sukaneka?


Last time when UMNO held a Demo at KOMTAR, police didnt do anything to prevent the demo… Why? IS that demo held in a hall? field?

It was held in main road!!! cause a massive traffic jam!

Didnt you know that they going to held a demo? Of course police know about it, but why no action…

Now, this people just want to do a candlelight vigil, which will be a peaceful gathering and they not going to demonstrate. Its a sort of expression. A message to abolish ISA.

Because of the permit is not granted, it going to be an illegal/unlawful gathering and once again police brutality might be happen at kamunting tommorrow…. To whom should we complain???


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Uthaya has been denied medication, is it democracy?


Today 10.30am, Lawyer N. Surendran filed a fresh habeas corpus on behalf of P. Uthayakumar who is detained under ISA.

According to Malaysiakini reporting, the habeas corpus was filed because Uthaya has been denied medication for his diabetes.

In his affidavit, Uthayakumar said he has been suffering from high blood pressure and sugar, minimal damage to heart, skin disease, ring worm, eye blurring, headaches, dizziness and weakness since he was denied medical treatment.

Malaysiakini also report that Uthaya claims that the camp authorities refuse to admit him into the National Heart Institute (IJN) despite being told by doctors to do so.

Detention without trial already cruel enough, do they need to do like this? Is this they say democracy?

I recommend that our great leaders to go back to school and study again what is democracy about. 

If they commit any wrong doing, then charge them in court. Dont torture them just because they believe in what they are doing and it is a bitter truth for you all to accept. 

One humble request for our so called leaders, dont keep on thinking that public is stupid and they cant do anything against your superior power. 

Remember, peoples power is far more superior than your political powers. I hope that you already got your lesson in last general election. 

Dont spoil this country and peoples dream just because of your egoism. Accept the truth and let the rite and capable person to lead. 



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Uthayakumar given medical treatment 10 times

Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) leader P Uthayakumar received medical treatment 10 times until April 14 at government hospitals and clinics since being detained at the Kamunting detention centre in Taiping last November.

According to Bernama, the Prisons Department in a statement said he was also supplied with various types of medicine for his diabetic condition.

The department issued the statement in response to allegations from some quarters that he was being denied proper medical treatment.

hindraf p uthayakumar taiping hospital 170408 01It said early this month, the home minister had also given permission for Uthayakumar to be brought to the Penang Hospital and the National Heart Institute to undergo health checks by experts.

However, the department said Uthayakumar declined to go because his requests for family and lawyer visitations during the hospital visits were denied.

It said permission for him to receive medicine from family members for his ailment were also denied because of the detention regulations, as this could compromise his health and safety.

It further added that the public need not worry about healthcare for ISA detainees as there were ample provisions for this under the detention regulations.

Stop baseless accusations

In view of this, the department asked all parties to cease making unfounded and baseless accusations that Uthayakumar was being denied proper medical treatment.

Uthayakumar was among five Hindraf leaders detained on Dec 13 under the Internal Security Act (ISA), which allows for detention without trial.

On Nov 25, Hindraf organised a mammoth street rally which drew some 30,000 people to the streets in Kuala Lumpur.

While the government has classified the movement as extremist outfit and its leaders a threat to national security, their supporters however claim that Hindraf was merely raising the Indian community’s legitimate grouses.

The other four detainees are M.Manoharan, V.Ganabatirau, K.Vasantha Kumar and RKenghadharan.


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