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Samy Vellu’s Own Battle….

Ex-MIC Youth Chief S.A. Vigneswaran said that all the battles that MIC had fought over the years with so many Indian leaders were not the party’s battles but Samy Vellu’s own.

Vigneswaran also advised MIC president to leave and prove that he can survive without MIC or bury MIC.

Meanwhile, our dearest MIC president declared that he wont be leaving MIC and his position. He also added that his position is not decided by MIC Youth. (Did you all aware of it our young MIC followers?).

The best part of this story is, Samy Vellu saying that the resignation of Youth Chief was to give way for the younger generation to serve the party.

He also adding by saying that, “There are alot of Young graduates who want to help the party but cannot do so as others are holding the post of Youth Chief for too long”.

What a funny and stupid statement…. He really want young generation to lead the party, but he wont give up his position…

Where MIC is heading?

I really hope and pray to god, that you will lose in next presidential election Mr Samy…

That day will be a day that all Indian in Malaysia remember and celebrate… You will see it…


Source: New Straits Times, June 30 08,



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