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Another death in custody….Kugan’s horrifying picts….



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The truth is revealed….what next?

Reported in the SUN (web edition)

“Deputy ministers to be summoned for questioning”
Charles Ramendran

PETALING JAYA (Jan 22, 2009) : Police will call up two deputy ministers who were present at the Serdang Hospital mortuary during an incident where about 50 family members and friends of 22-year-old lock up detainee A.Kugan who died in police custody allegedly forced their way into the place to view his body late on Monday.

Selangor police chief DCP Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar said a police report was lodged with Sepang police by an official at the mortuary who alleged that several dozen people who turned up at the morgue had barged in and wheeled out Kugan’s body of of the cold room.

The hospital official also alleged that the people had handled the body and took photos of it.

Khalid said police have classified and are probing the case as trespass with criminal intent and also for criminal intimidation.

He said it was wrong for anyone except for hospital officials to handle the body as a post mortem had yet to be conducted and there is an ongoing probe into the death of the man.

He said the hospital official had called the police and a police officer at the scene permitted only a family member to identify the body at the time of the incident but this was defied and the crowd rushed in.

Although he did not name the two deputy ministers, it is understood that they are Datuk S.K.Devamany and T.Murugiah, both who are with the Prime Minister’s Department and were present at the hospital during the incident.

Khalid said a post mortem carried out out on the body of lock detainee A.Kugan showed that he had died of excessive fluid in his lungs.

He said the report also stated that the injuries found on the deceased’s body was not the result of his death.

“However, I assure the family of Kugan that we will not spare anyone responsible for the injuries caused on him. We are probing and when we identify those involved and have gathered enough evidence, I will make sure justice is served.”

“I give you my word that there will be no cover up as I do not cordone to such abuse of powers if that was the case.I urge the family members to be calm and not take the law into their own hands.” he said.

At about 2.30pm, Kugan’s funeral took place at his house at Puchong Kinrara. Among the 200 people who attended it was MIC President Datuk Seri S.Samy Vellu.

Kugan was arrested on Jan 15 for suspected car theft and remanded till Wednesday. However,on Tuesday during interogation by police, he collapsed and died.

Police had said that they made a recovery of 15 stolen cars at a warehouse in Puchong following his arrest.

His family, Kapar MP S.Manikavasagam and Keadilan’s Selangor Youth leader Khairul Anuar Ahmad Zainuddin have each lodged a police report alleging foulplay in Kugan’s death and urged a thorough probe be conducted.

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Double punishment for Chang Jiun Haur. Is it fair?


Pict from malaysiakini.comPict: Malaysiakini.com

Chang Jiun Haur who was brutally assaulted by riot police in BMC barricade issue last month will be charge for reckless driving….

But what action will be taken against those who beat him? Will there will be a fair judgement?

If it is true that he drove recklessly, police should not beat him… They should charge him in court like what they’re doing now…

Chang already get an unlawful and brutal punishment from the riot police who beat him… Now they want to charge him according to law… This is too much…

According to Malaysiakini, Chang was among four individuals that under investigation by the police for attempted murder during an incident on 27 May.

Meanwhile, according to police sources, the four were being probed for allegedly attempting to cause injuries to several police personnel while driving away from the scene (BMC barricade).

However, there are aspect that should be taken into consideration. What action will be taken against the riot squad?

Pict from malaysiakini.comPict: Malaysiakini.com

Because when i watch the video of that incident in Malaysikini, it seems that the riot squad personnel plan to kill him. Twenty riot squad personnel kicking and beat him recklessly, isn’t that an attempt to murder?

Then about the broken baton… I dont think that the baton was broken because of Changs driving, it may be used to beat him up… Maybe….just Maybe….

Anything can happen, and anything can be hidden, finally some cover-up will be done….

The result: Police brutality yes, but still public guilty…

What happen to peoples power? Today Chang is the victim, tommorrow maybe me, you or anyone…





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Permit not granted for Candlelight Vigil at Kamunting Tommorrow


According to BERNAMA news report, Police have advised people not to participate in candlelight vigil at the Kamunting Detention Camp tommorrow.

Taiping district police chief, ACP Raja Musa Raja Razak said they will act against those who attend the vigil… The reason is, police do not want any untoward incident because it can lead to rioting if not controlled.

The funniest thing is, he told that the vigil can be held in a hall or field without disturbing anyone… Does it make any sense? Is this a tea party or sukaneka?


Last time when UMNO held a Demo at KOMTAR, police didnt do anything to prevent the demo… Why? IS that demo held in a hall? field?

It was held in main road!!! cause a massive traffic jam!

Didnt you know that they going to held a demo? Of course police know about it, but why no action…

Now, this people just want to do a candlelight vigil, which will be a peaceful gathering and they not going to demonstrate. Its a sort of expression. A message to abolish ISA.

Because of the permit is not granted, it going to be an illegal/unlawful gathering and once again police brutality might be happen at kamunting tommorrow…. To whom should we complain???


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Thugs and Police, what is the differences?

cheras mahkota road grand saga barricade fru assault 280508 01What is going on in Malaysia? Public being beaten up by the thugs, should they lodge a police report? The answer is no!

Yesterday Chang Jiun Haur was beaten up by police officer near the barricade… I think he loose his two teeths and seriously injured. You can watch the video in Malaysiakini.

The question is, do police force have any rights to beat the public? I thought that they suppose to protect the public from the thugs atleast. But now, both are the same.

If chang against the law means, arrest him and charge him la. Who give you rights to beat him? Im sure they going to make some cover-up to protect the police officer. Police brutality has became a normal phenomena in Malaysia nowadays.

Furthermore, what is our govenment doing? How long they going to watch this Saga? Which comes first? Public Interest or Money?

To whom should public complain?

Colourful Malaysia, but recently red colour(blood)  is the favourite one… We can see lot of bloody tragedy happening around…

Grand Saga’s Saga Continue….



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