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Collect your cash rebates and get ready…


The cash rebates payment has been brought forward to this saturday (14 June).

It seems that our Government trying their best to lighten the burden of the public following the increse in the price of fuel.

According to Malaysiakini, Prime Minister also ensured that diesel quota for public transportation will be increased to make sure that fares for public transportation do not go up.

Despite this two measures, government also will cut their unnecessary expenses on renovations, asset acquisition and limitting Government functions budgets.

Anyhow, Prime Minister also hinted that the fuel price may increase in near come future.

“We are still analysing this as the rise in world prices of oil is too quick (over the last few days),” said Abdullah. (as quoted in Malaysiakini)

So the moral of the story, get ready for another fuel TSUNAMI…



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